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Traditional line

Cosmetics on the basis of ostrich oil

Struislux cosmetics are exclusive, modern cosmetics on the basis of ostrich oil for customers with high demands. The wholesome effects of ostrich oil for body care are optimised by StruisLux cosmetics: highly nutritious, fast penetration, optimal hydration and not greasy.

Two thousand years ago the healing effects of this oil were already known for massaging and treating wounds.

Thanks to the low melting temperature (±25 °C)  the oil penetrates in the skin very quickly and does not obstruct the pores.
Another source mentions that animal oil is closer to the human body than vegetable oil.

The oil also owes its extraordinary qualities to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids (+70%), among which:

  • linolenic +/- 3% (Omega 3)
  • myristic acid +/- 0,6% (Omega 5)
  • linoleic acid +/- 14% (Omega 6)
  • palmitoleic acid +/- 6,3% (Omega 7)
  • oleic acid +/- 44% (Omega 9)

Some of these unsaturated fatty acids are also called Vitamin F and are known to regulate the structure, fatness and suppleness of the skin.
Vitamin A and provitamin A are found in their natural state in the oil as well.

Struislux and a specialised team of people have combined these extraordinary and wholesome qualities of the oil with other ingredients. As a result, a whole range of products for skin and hair care is now available.

Other ingredients, depending on the product, are : Sorbitol , provitamin B , vitamins C and E, allantoin, natural soaps, beeswax, natural resins and algae.
In addition, all our products have a pleasant smell on the basis of honeysuckle, which will provide you with a reassuring feeling of well-being.

Until now no allergic reactions have been reported.

StruisLux cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Natural line  100%

Cosmetics based on ostrich oil and goat’s milk

With over 20 years of experience in ostrich-oil-based beauty products, StruisLux cosmetics has brought these two natural products together. All ingredients, active substances and preservatives are of natural origin.

Goat’s milk is easily absorbed by the skin thanks to its shorter chains. As a result, goat’s milk moisturises the skin. Goat’s milk contains caprylic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Caprylic acid has the ability to remove dead skin cells, whereby the tissue is regenerated and a fresh, healthy skin appears.
Goat’s milk enhances the appearance of the skin through its rich mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the skin remains perfectly hydrated thanks to the natural fats in the goat’s milk, which softens dry skin and smooths fine lines.

The ostrich oil’s exceptional qualities can be attributed to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 70%), including linolenic acid (omega 3), linoleic acid (omega 6), myristic acid and oleic acid (omega 9).
Sometimes called vitamin F, these essential fatty acids are known to regulate skin structure, greasiness and suppleness, and are a natural component of ostrich oil.
The wholesome effect ostrich oil has in terms of body care is optimised: it is highly nutritive, is quickly absorbed, offers optimal hydration and is not greasy.

Our products are not tested on animals